Company History

In 2005, Pete Dencker joined an established logistics and supply chain company to build a new business unit that provided the customer with additional services including installation, merchandising and project management support. This new division grew under Pete’s leadership, building a dedicated team of industry experts, forming new client relationships and acquiring other fixturing and millwork capabilities along the way.

In 2009, Pete purchased the Services Division from its parent company, and formed a new independent company, SOS-Retail Services. Today, SOS-Retail Services operates in all 50 states and Canada from its headquarters in Franklin Tennessee with a regional office in Dallas Texas. SOS-Retail Services provides clients with seamless management, support and execution of their construction projects using our established record as a process-driven organization.

Disclaimer – SOS-Retail Services, LLC is an independent company and no longer maintains any official affiliation, association or endorsement from Store Opening Solutions.